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Empower Your Athletes To

Poiz provides a low-cost, plug-and-play solution for schools to provide mental strength resources for their athletes.

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Used by Athletes & Teams Across

Did you know that athletes are twice as likely to experience anxiety than non-athletes?

For too long, athletes have been left to just figure out the mental game on their own, leaving them unequipped to manage the pressures of sport.

Poiz helps athletes to feel and play at their best!

For 35+ years, our team has coached top athletes from pro to youth levels to master their mental game. Now, we’re using technology to make more accessible than ever before.

Poiz helps athletes manage performance pressure in a healthier way.
The result: more resilient athletes who are prepared to take on anything!

Plug and Play Solutions

for Modern Schools & Teams

Mental Skills Courses

Poiz provides separate digital courses for athletes, coaches, and parents. This multi-faceted approach gives athletes and their support team the foundational mental skills needed to empower them to thrive. These courses are engaging and built upon 35+ years of expertise within the mental game.

Poiz Mental Training App

A performance coach in your pocket. Poiz provides on-demand performance protocols designed to be used before competition and in training. The app adapts to each athlete and delivers the right audio training at the right time so they’re always ready to perform.

I’ve used various mental training solutions with our athletes, and by far, Poiz is their favorite!

Mike PoetaHead Coach, University of Illinois Wrestling