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Our methods have been used by top athletes and teams to perform at their best for over 20 years

Get Into ‘The Zone’,

Playing in ‘the zone’, or flow is magical. You’re totally immersed in the moment and things feel effortless. However, for most athletes, these flashes of greatness can feel sporadic or random. Poiz leverages decades of experience and the latest science to help shift you into ‘the zone’ in as little as five minutes.

Poiz is Visualization Amplified

The evidence is conclusive: visualization flat out helps you perform better. But visualization on your own can often seem hard or daunting. Our immersive audios help you tap you into the moment and guide you through seeing yourself perform at your best. It’s like experiencing game day before you go out and play.

Introducing Performance Loops:

From pregame to postgame, Poiz has got you covered. Before competition we’ll help shift you into the right state of mind for optimal performance. Afterward, we’ll help you recover and put that competition behind you so you can best move forward to the next task at hand.

Personalized Content That Adapts To You

Every athlete is unique and their training experience should be too. Through simple pregame & postgame check-ins, Poiz adapts to where you are at and delivers the highest impact experience.

Unlimited Access

Working with a performance coach can be great. But often, your access to them is limited and inflexible. Poiz provides unlimited access right from your phone. Use Poiz the night before or in the locker room right before competition; the choice is yours!

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